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Do you or someone you know has a computer that they no longer use ? Please think about donating it.

I remember when I started to put my hands on a computer for the very first time in 2001. I was lucky and fortunate enough to have a school mate whose uncle used to own an internet cafe. So we used to go there after school and play with computers for atleast one or two hours before heading back home. But it was not long before the business closed down. With no computers at the government school that I was going to at that time, I was already hooked up to this amazing electronic device. I had no choice but saving up my lunch money so I could go pay for an hour usage at the near internet cafe. It was about 500 Tanzanian shillings per hour at that time ( which is less than 50 cents )

I managed to buy my first computer sometimes in 2008 when I was in the U.S. Boy, I was happy! Super happy. Now looking back in my own society, my own people, I see kids who go through the same path and some even much worse path. Very bright children who are very eager to learn and very curious but less fortunate. So, I decided to start this blog, to connect with people who have the same desire of helping others as I do. To connect with people that are willing to share their cultural experiences as well as making a difference to someone's life no matter how small it is.

Please check out the following  documentary that was prepared by journalism students back in 2015 or proceed below if you enjoy reading my boring stories! 

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How It all Got Started

 In 2014, during my second year at Univ of Iringa, a group of us IT students felt the need for an IT Club. Our plan was very simple.  We wanted to provide a place within the university where all students and faculty could come to for IT support whether it was to fix a computer issue, provide training, or to give advice.  We were inspired and dedicated to make this club an active club that would not only serve the faculty and students, but also provide outreach opportunities to serve the local community. 

In 2015, the IT Club was approved by the university administration and we were given office space in the university’s main library.  The IT Club constitution had been already been created and official club leaders selected. I was selected to serve as the club president.

This was a very exciting time as the IT Club started its operations immediately.  The first thing we did was setup training sessions for all students on campus.  These were specific training sessions that students requested and were all very successful.     

For outreach opportunities, we started IT Day events that were open to the public to provide free of charge IT services.    

Additionally, in 2015, the IT Club participated in an inter-faculty soccer tournament and won the championship.

Mkimbizi and Ukombozi primary schools

During 2015, two third year students went to Mkimbizi primary school to do research on the impact of computers in primary schools as part of their final year Bachelor's requirement. They found out that the school had no computers at all and most of the teachers had little to no computer knowledge. 

The IT Club was contacted by the research students and soon after the agreement between the school and the club, we started providing training to the teachers at Mkimbizi.  That training event was so successful that we were contacted by the Ukombozi Primary School requesting computer training for their teachers.  

Providing MS Office training to the teachers at those two primary schools was so much fun and extremely rewarding.  The appreciation we received was overwhelmingly wonderful.  This training project did not go without it’s challenges.  We could work through concepts and keystrokes, but the biggest challenge was at the end of each training session.  Because they didn’t have access to computers at their schools, we brought our own personal computers so they could get hands on training.  It was personally very hard for me to leave at the end of each session because the teachers would express concern of not having computers to practice on before we came back on the next training day.But we couldn't leave our laptops behind as we also needed them for our own school assignments.

Moving to America

In August 2015, after finishing my university studies, I left Tanzania and moved to the U.S. and landed in the State of Oregon. Life has not been the same since I left Tanzania.  I am currently employed in an outstanding tech company, where I learn something new every day, and I meet the most awesome and interesting people.  Before getting my job, my wife and I were spending a day or two per week volunteering at a non-profit organization called Free Geek in Portland, Oregon.  Free Geek is an awesome place and they do incredible work locally and worldwide.


"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." - Oscar Wilde


 Please contact me for any donation you may want to contribute.