Assalaam 'alaykum ! Mambo ! What's up ! Hola ! Bonjour! Welcome to my bio. My name is Abdullaziz Mohamed Mbarak. I was born in a small town in the coastal region of Bagamoyo, Tanzania, East Africa. I grew up in the city of Dar Es Salaam, which is about 60km from Bagamoyo.

Both my parents and siblings still live in Dar Es Salaam. I have three sisters [ Ramla, Fauziya and Munira ] and one young brother [Mbarak ]. My native language is Swahili [ please visit the swahili page to learn more about the language and culture ]

I came to U.S first time in 2007 and married my beautiful wife Lisa in 2008. I went back to Tanzania in 2011 and while there I earned my bachelor's degree in science and information technology [BSc-IT]. I returned to the U.S in August 20th 2015.

I have strong passion for technology, travelling, books, food, culture, religion and everything fun and decent. If you don't see me at work, you will see me on streets just wandering around with my camera or in my garage building pcs.

Currently I live and work in an IT industry here in the Pacific North West.

You can reach me through ultimatejournals[dot]net[at]gmail.com

Asante sana - Thank you so much !